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Board Members

VYSL Board Members and Volunteers

Mary Castillo

President / Registrar

History: (Born in Lima, Peru)
1993 — 1995 Coached a U- 8 boys team
1995 — 1997 Managed a Competitive team called the “Rowdies”
1995 — 1999 Served as a Comp Registrar for PAL
2000 — 2002 Served as President, Registrar, Treasurer, Secretary and Bingo Manager
2002 — 2003 President,Registrar and Coach for U-19 Boys

The Vallejo Youth Soccer League) VYSL president must establish and maintain affiliations between coaches, members of the California Youth Soccer Association (CYSA) and other soccer organizations. He/she must also oversee all other board members ensuring that all league duties are being fulfilled.

The Registrar is responsible for registering each team player with CYSA. The registration process must include verification of each player's age and date of birth to ensure fairness when assigning each player to a team.  The Registrar should work closely with the Treasurer to ensure all fees are collected in a timely manner.  The President and Registrar are the only two board members having contact with CYSA.


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The coach coordinator must ensure that a coach be chosen for each of the VYSL teams. The coordinator must ensure that the coach is qualified to instruct the team and that a harmony exists between that coach and the team players.  If coaching problems arise, the coordinator must make himself available to resolve these issues. 

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Tony Freitas


Equipment Manager - Goalkeeper Trainer

History: (Born in Azores, Portugal)
Played professionally with the Portuguese National team until the age of 22
1992-1993 Coached the St. Patrick's high school team in Vallejo
1981-2003 League, High School and Neutral Referee
1992-2003 Coached Class I and Class III competitive teams
1981-2003 Goalkeeper Trainer

Equipment Manager - Goalkeeper Trainer

The Equipment Coordinator is responsible for all the league's equipment including nets, flags and other associated material.  The coordinator shall make available to coaches any equipment necessary before each game and collect the equipment at the end of each day. The coordinator shall report any damaged or deficient equipment to the league president.

The Goalkeeper Trainer shall train potential goalkeepers to the best of his ability.  This individual shall be a qualified instructor and report the players' progress to the t am coach.

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Van Bagnol

Referee Coordinator

History: (Born in California)
USSF Referee since 2004
Referee assignments: Home league, youth comp league.

Referee Coordinator

It is the responsibility of the Referee Coordinator to provide 3 referees for each home game of the season.  The coordinator should also schedule at least one referee clinic per year in an attempt to increase the number of active referees. He/she shall attend the District 4 referee meeting and disseminate any pertinent information to other referees in the district.  It is highly recommended the referee coordinator have at least three years refereeing experience.

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Frank Silveira

Field Coordinator/Maintenance Coordinator


History: (Born in the United States)


Field Coordinator

The Field Coordinator is responsible for obtaining field permits for each location where games will be played.  The coordinator shall create and distribute a list of approved fields to the league members. The coordinator should line the fields as often as needed.

Maintenance Coordinator

The Field Maintenance Coordinator is responsible for keeping fields groomed during the season.  The coordinator shall see to it the fields are watered and fertilized on a regular basis.

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The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining accurate financial records for the league. He/she is responsible for writing checks (and acquiring a second signature) and making payments in a timely manner.  The Treasurer must attend each board meeting and provide an account summary as to the welfare of the league.  Financial records must must be made immediately available to the board upon request. 


The Secretary must attend and record the 'minutes' for all board meetings. He/she is responsible for any written work including, but not limited to, invitations, sponsor letters and labels.  The Secretary should foster a close working relationship with the registrar in order to distribute information in a timely manner.

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If, for any reason, the president is unable to perform his/her duties, the vice-president shall immediately assume those duties.  It shall take a vote of the board to elect the vice-president to the position of the president.






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