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Will Referees Always Get It Right?

Not a weekend goes by where a referee doesn't get up someone's nose for either calling a foul or not calling a foul, depending on who is upset by the decision. On many occasions you hear the same people yell out, "Hey ref! Learn the rules!"

It is evident that the person yelling is in need of some advice, as we don't have rules in this game, we have laws. When it comes to the process of consideration, recognition and any subsequent action, it is a little more involved than just reading "the rules." Were it as easy as the pundit on the hill would have us believe, we would not have the continual controversy that we have week after week after week.

Referees are prepared and briefed to consider the following:

SPEED: A referee must not only to be aware of the speed of the game but also the speed of the players at the time of contact. For example, the tackler can sometimes be static while the attacker is coming in at high speed when the tackle is made, thus making the tackle look worse than it really is. This can cause a referee to take more severe action than perhaps is necessary or fair. There are instances where the attacker is simply too good for the defender and his speed of movement can be the cause of the tackle going wrong. Referees are encouraged to be vigilant and sympathetic in these instances whereas supporters of the tackled player will always see it more seriously and in a lot of cases demand at least caution.


Players Headed to Albuquerque Get a Helping Hand

Recognizing the commitment it takes to progress to the highest level of competition, the CYSA Board of Directors has allocated $70,000 in stipends that will be issued to the players attending the US Youth Soccer Region IV Championships in Albuquerque, New Mexico with their CYSA State Cup champion and wildcard teams.

The stipends for the athletes attending Far West Regionals is just one of the various outreach programs through which CYSA helps fund soccer opportunities for players at all levels of play.

California Youth Soccer Association views each of our members as part of our extended soccer family. During the course of 40-plus years of continuous operation as the largest State Association in the United States , CYSA 's service-oriented approach places an emphasis on providing the very best programs to serve ALL levels of youth soccer players. CYSA offers programs that are designed to provide a soccer experience regardless of the skill-set of the player, including our TOPSoccer program for players with special challenges, Soccer Start for the economically disadvantaged player, CYSA - Cal Soccer League for every competitive level team, Recreation Programs for the players who are the foundation of our organization and CYSA Cups (State Cup, Presidents Cup, Association Cup and Founders' Cup) with an event to serve every level of play.


You Don't Coach The Referees

After both coaching and refereeing for the last 30 years, I think I am qualified to speak to the issue of the referees' impact on the game of soccer.

In 99 percent of all the soccer matches I have seen or been involved in, the referee actually had no effect on the outcome of the match. The bottom line is, the team who scored the most goals won the match - even if the only goal was on a penalty kick given by the referee. The question there is, how did the other team - who couldn't even score one goal - expect to win the match anyway?

Coaches give the referees too much credit for the outcome of the game, and accept little, if any, responsibility for their own lack of preparation and player discipline. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the referees' job to discipline the players - that's the coaches' job.

I take offence at coaches who say they are so much better trained then the referees. I spent many more hours on soccer-specific training to be a referee in all levels then I ever did to coach at those same levels. I don't believe I am the exception.