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Instructional Junior Soccer Program

Program Characteristics

 The Vallejo youth Soccer League is greatly known for the excellence of its teams at all levels of play.  We intend to continue and enhance that tradition with age appropriate training in the basics of soccer for children ages 5-10.
The development of soccer skills is the vehicle for age appropriate experiential learning in the areas of:
•    Aerobic Exercises
•    Development of Individual Coordination
•    Concepts of Active Learning
•    Participative Group Interaction
•    Individual Goal Setting & Achievement
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•    To provide professional coaching to all players. This will allow them the opportunity, from the very beginning, to develop their soccer skills and an understanding of the game soccer from the proper and appropriate standpoint.


Enjoyment of the game is the number one priority."


•    No children will be left out, because soccer in our League is accessible for everybody, scholarship, volunteer, donations and sponsors, get involved to invest in your kids future.