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District/State websites 

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League websites

Websites of neighboring youth soccer leagues in the area (this side of the bridges). Note: the leagues are not all part of the same umbrella organizations. AYSO, CYSA, PAL, and US Club are separate entities and their leagues do not play each other. In fact, the only neighboring league whose teams play against VYSL teams is Benicia, because we're both under CYSA-North District IV (East Bay area). We don't play against Solano teams because even though they are also with CYSA-North, they are part of District VI (Sacramento area) and they play teams ranging from Vacaville to as far as Sierra (north of Tahoe).

Some teams, however, join several competitive leagues. For instance, a Vallejo team might be playing with VYSL in the fall, with US Club Soccer in the spring, and indoors at Mare Island in the winter.

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For Referees and Rules 

  • Laws of the Game - downloadable documents covering Laws of the Game and supplemental procedures
  • USSF Position Papers - downloadable documents stating official USSF rulings on various situations
  • Ask the Ref - a soccer rules Question&Answer site where you can get second opinions (and third and fourth ones, too)
  • Ask a Referee - USSF's official website with a similar Q&A; however, only one answer is given
  • You Make the Call - view video clips that test your knowledge of the laws of the game
  • The Offside Rule Made Easy - an animation explaining offside situations

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  • Positive Coaching Alliance


    Please visit the PCA Partners Web site and click on "Tools and Resources" to find an archive of all 2 minute drills produced by Positive Coaching Alliance.


    Please visit our "Ask PCA" blog to check out the latest discussions on issues facing coaches, parents and leaders in youth sports today. If you have a specific question you'd like to get feedback on please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

  • National Soccer Coaches Association
  • Soccer Coach's Online Reference
  • Coaching Kids
  • Tip of the Day
  • Soccer Drills - North Alabama Soccer League
  • Academia Tahuichi de Fútbol - Bolivian website (in English and Spanish)

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For Team Managers 

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Places to Shop for Soccer Gear 

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Online Soccer Magazines 

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Online Soccer Games 

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